Mer Ultimate Car Polish 500ml Maximize

Mer Ultimate Car Polish 500ml

Mer Ultimate Polish nourishes tired, faded car paint making it look like new again as well as preparing a car's surface for wax application. Mer car polish can be applied to a wet or dry car. If the car is dirty wash it first to remove any surface dirt using Mer Super Advanced Shampoo. It is not necessary to dry the car completely after shampooing.

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1. Shake bottle before use
2. Using a soft lint free cloth apply Mer Polish in a circular overlapping motion
3. Allow to dry to a haze for at least 10 minutes, you can leave it longer. Using a clean, soft dry cloth or a microfibre cloth, buff polish off to a high gloss finish
4. Apply several layers to produce a real deep shine and protection for new and aged paintwork

Top Tip
For a brilliant gloss finish, add two capfuls of Mer Ultimate Polish to your shampoo bucket before washing.

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