LOBA VAG 2.0 TFSI LO400 Upgrade Sport turbocharger Maximize

LOBA VAG 2.0 TFSI LO400 Upgrade Sport turbocharger

LOBA 2.0 TFSI LO400 Upgrade Sport Turbocharger 

We are proud to present the ultimate and the original OEM+ Sport Turbocharger Upgrade for 2.0 TFSI engines. The LO400 turbocharger is the result of many years of development and evolution on the 2.0 TFSI platform. Evolved from the respected LO380 Turbocharger.

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In order to produce a LO400 we utilize a brand new factory BorgWarner KO4 turbocharger and optimize with 5-Axis CNC machine, modifying the compressor housing and inner surface for optimum flow, then 5-axis CNC modify the turbine housing to reduce exhaust gas back pressure and maximize throughput to increase output. 

At the heart of our LO400 is the latest state of the art, bigger more efficient V3 LOBA Motorsport LO-2580 forged billet compressor, that is unique in design, geometry and size, but is extremely light in weight at only 39.8 Gram, yet still very strong. LOBA Motorsport forged billet compressor wheels are 25% lighter than some original used cast items and lighter than standard billet types, but still has greater strength and durability over a cast compressor or standard billet types. Being a forged billet the nose and stem of the compressor wheel can be CNC machined significantly smaller to allow for a greater blade area and diameter for inducer size, blades can also be made thinner, so more efficient and flowing more air then say same size billet compressor wheel. The end result is a compressor of extreme lightness, fast unmatched response and superior efficiency. 

We also lighten and clip the BorgWarner turbine for increased flow and CNC machine the exhaust turbine housing to reduce exhaust backpressure and increase output.

We precision balance the turbine wheel/shaft and compressor wheel to far beyond oem tolerance as single parts, first to less than 0,05gmm then together. Last but not least is we modify the actuator and use a reinforced LOBA bearing for durability.

The end result can be less lag and better response than even a stock KO4, yet still flowing much more air mass so making and holding more power to the redline. The LO400 turbocharger is a great compromise between power output, turbo response and longevity. A OEM+ turbocharger upgrade well suited for motorsport use or street.

The following LOBA specific optimizations were applied

  • NEW V3 LOBA LO-2580 “Extended Tip” state-of-the-art forged billet compressor wheel 
  • LOBA 5-axis CNC machined re-profiled compressor housing and backplate
  • LOBA clipped turbine wheel
  • LOBA Optimized clearances
  • LOBA Modified actuator
  • LOBA Uprated bearing
  • LOBA Superior Balancing
  • Made in Germany
  • Fits exactly as a OEM KO4 plug & play


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